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Ph.D. in Microbiology Program

Ph.D. in Microbiology Program

The Microbiology graduate program at Oregon State University supports broad interests in microbiology, including environmental and pathogenic microbiology, with studies that encompass a spectrum of approaches from the ecological and organismal to the genomic and biochemical. Our faculty are strongly multidisciplinary, and also train graduate students enrolled in related programs such as Pharmacology, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Comparative Health Sciences, Crop and Soil Sciences, Botany and Plant Pathology, Food Science and Technology, Fisheries & Wildlife and Biological Oceanography.

Our research covers a range of subjects involving viruses, bacteria, parasites and eukaryotic microbes, and their roles in the health of the environment and humans, animals and plants.

Graduate student handbook

The graduate student handbook covers everything a graduate student will need to know about life as a graduate student in each of our programs, including learning outcomes, timelines, programs of study, annual meeting, preliminary examination, thesis, final examination and more.

Careers opportunities for a Ph.D. in Microbiology

After graduating with a Ph.D. degree, many of our students find careers as research leaders in industry, and in state and federal agencies. Other students will go on to postdoctoral research positions that lead to academic careers.

More information

For general information about Ph.D. programs at Oregon State, please consult the Graduate School. For guidelines about the Microbiology program of study, annual meeting, preliminary examination, thesis and final examination, see the Graduate Handbook.