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Undergraduate Research

A pair of gloved hands working with vials in lab.

Conducting research is a fantastic way to grow your scientific skills, gain marketable technical lab skills sought by industry and academia, evaluate whether research is a career that appeals to you, grow your contacts in the scientific community and gain professional skills such as reading and critiquing scientific literature and presenting research findings. Research is valuable for developing resourcefulness, independence, confidence, creativity, critical thinking and specific laboratory skills or areas of scientific expertise.

MB 401 and BHS 401 research credit

Research credits allow you to join a group of people interested in scientific interests similar to yours, learn from scientific mentors and develop personal relationships with senior scientists. Students can earn up to three research credits for participating in MB 401 or BHS 401.

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Research opportunities

Our faculty are always on the lookout to help young scientists develop their skills. Talk to your advisor or a faculty member who is working in the field you are interested in to get the best advice. Below are undergraduate research and teaching opportunities available in the College of Science and beyond!

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Our undergraduates make a difference, in the lab and beyond