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An outstanding foundation for future careers in microbiology and healthcare

Microbes and small organisms are at the center of many of the world's most urgent health and environmental problems. As a microbiology student, you can be a part of the pioneering study of bacteria, viruses and parasites to address environmental, medical and molecular biological problems and create new resources for a healthy planet. Through our biohealth sciences major, you can be prepared for a future as a healthcare provider, taking specific courses tailored to the track you choose.

Find your path

We offer two undergraduate majors: microbiology and biohealth sciences. As the only degree of its kind in the state of Oregon, microbiology majors get to dive into the study of beneficial and disease-causing bacteria, archaea, viruses and parasites in the context of human, plant and animal disease and the environment. The biohealth sciences major offers an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for diverse and vital careers concerned with healthcare, with options available for students who wish to enter medical, pharmacy, dental or other health-related careers.


Microbiology and biohealth sciences advising is organized around the conviction that you should be actively engaged in your education, as well as the planning and decisions needed to reach your professional goals. From the beginning, our advisors focus on your educational and professional goals, and they work with you to suggest opportunities that are important to being successful in those goals.

Tap into our numerous advising resources 

Get hands on with experiential opportunities

As a microbiology or biohealth sciences major, there are a variety of opportunities available to explore and deepen your interests in science and community outreach. From research labs to internships and job shadowing, get involved and enhance your professional development while acquiring valuable leadership skills.

Opportunities in careers and hands on experiences 

Student life

Getting involved with the Microbiology Student Association or the BioHealth Sciences Club can help you make lasting connections with your peers, learn about career opportunities and explore your passion for science in fun and adventurous ways.

Find your place at OSU 

A hands-on education

As a top-tier research institution, the microbiology department at Oregon State University is committed to providing a transformative education experience for all of our undergraduate students. This includes teaching relevant coursework that provides the necessary fundamental knowledge you need to succeed in your future career. It also involves hands-on training and opportunities to participate in research. Finally, it means engaged advising and career preparation, from offering job shadowing opportunities and internships that will help prepare you for your post-graduation goals to making sure your graduate or professional school applications are complete and compelling.

Calling all future healthcare professionals

The College of Science is one of the best pre-med colleges, and OSU graduates attend medical schools all across the country. Our students are well-regarded and well-prepared. Generally about 60-70% of our applicants are admitted to medical school compared to 33-40% nationally.

Pre-med and pre-health microbiology or biohealth sciences majors can participate in research, clinical internships and other hands-on learning opportunities to enhance their preparation for health professional graduate programs.

Welcome, transfer students!

Nearly 30% of College of Science students are transfer students! One of the biggest benefits of pursuing your degree at Oregon State is the opportunity to get involved in our thriving microbiology community to make the most of your undergraduate education at OSU. As a microbiology student, you will gain real-world knowledge in fields that interest you, from lab and field research, to shadowing health professionals, to best prepare you for life after graduation.