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PreMed Option for Microbiology Majors

PreMed Option for Microbiology Majors

Doctors washing their hands in hospital.

The pre-medicine option in microbiology is a great choice if you see yourself applying to medical schools in the future. The curated course schedule includes courses recommended by medical schools to prepare you for the MCAT tests. It also includes courses that focus on disease-causing organisms and how the body responds to such infections, as well as a selection of elective classes to enhance your understanding of illness and the human body outside of the microbiological perspective. Courses used to satisfy the pre-medicine option requirements also satisfy the upper-division microbiology electives and upper-division microbiology laboratory requirements within the microbiology major.

Required courses

10 credits

BI 109. Health Professions: Medical (1)
PSY 201 and 202 *General Psychology (3+3)
SOC 204. *Introduction to Sociology (3)

Microbiology courses

Select at least two 3 credit courses below in addition to courses taken above

MB 416. Immunology (3)
MB 430. Bacterial Pathogenesis (3)
MB 434. Virology (3)
MB 480. General Parasitology (3)

Microbiology lab course

Select at least one 2 credit lab course below in addition to courses taken above

MB 417. Immunology Laboratory (2)
MB 435. Pathogenic Microbes Laboratory (2)

Other electives

Select at least 7 credits from the courses listed below, in addition to courses taken above

ANTH 383. Introduction to Medical Anthropology (3)
BI 420. *Viruses in Modern Society (3)
H 312. *HIV/AIDS and STIS in Modern Society (3)
H 320. Introduction to Human Disease (3)
H 425. Foundations of Epidemiology (3)
HST 415. Selected Topics [Illness in America: 1492-1850] (4)
HSTS 417. *History of Medicine (4)
PHL 444. *Biomedical Ethics (4)
SOC 350. Health, Illness and Society (4)
ST 352. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)
Z 431. Vertebrate Physiology I (3)
Z 432. Vertebrate Physiology II (3)