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Program Outcomes for the BioHealth Sciences Major

Program Outcomes for the BioHealth Sciences Major

We have four objectives for all of our biohealth sciences majors. In short, we want to equip you to succeed in your future career in healthcare.

Apply scientific knowledge from multiple fields to critically analyze health-related problems.

The knowledge and skills you will gain through such courses as Principles of Immunology, Mechanisms of Pathogenicity and Microbial Influences on Human Health will equip you to play an invaluable role in the healthcare industry.

Communicate science and health concepts, data and analytical arguments clearly, professionally and concisely; both verbally and in writing.

Clear and accurate communication, to other healthcare professionals as well as patients and caregivers, is essential in the healthcare field. As a BioHealth Sciences major, you will have opportunities to practice this. In the current era of the internet, you will be able to cut through misinformation.

Practice flexible professional skills needed for careers in health sciences professional fields.

Throughout your course of study, you will have opportunities to explore your options for interesting careers, professional programs and graduate programs. Through your participation in required classes and elective clubs, internships or research, you will develop the professional and “soft” skills you need to reach your career objectives.

Recognize, evaluate and respond appropriately to the needs of a diverse demographic

We will provide you with various opportunities to practice applying the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion within your classes, better preparing you for future interactions with a diverse demographic population.